Presented by Antifreeze Bears for WiCHacks 2018

About Us

  • Regina Locicero
  • WMC - Project Manager/ Creative Writer
  • Lauren DiDonato
  • WMC - Web Developer
  • Felix Brink
  • WMC - Designer
  • Eleanor Post
  • GDD - Game Mechanics Specialist/ Creative Writer


Atalanta is one of the only known greek heroines. Our story is based on hers. Our game is the journey of Atalanta as she beings freshman year of highschool as struggles with female sterotypes when entering her new school's Robotics Club.

Learn more about Atalanta by watching this video by Overly Sarcastic Productions.

This project is made using Twine 2 as a base, and utilizes HTML/CSS, Javascript, Art Assests and Creative Writing.